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My grandfather Hermann Meyer was born in Halle. He immigrated to America in the late 1800's. He settled in New Jersey where he had one son. My grandfather's brother lived in Holzminden. Not sure if the family or another family member owned a farm that my grandfather might have worked on when he was a child. I'm trying to find any relatives. My great grandfather was Conrad Meyer and grandmother Lena was of the Albrecht/von Albrecht or Scheve family.


My mother's family, Richard and Meta Schuppel, immigrated from Kemtau to Pennsylvania later moved to New Jersey then New York. They are the only members of the family that stayed in America. The rest all went back to Kemtau. I'm trying to find any relation still in Kemtau. They live on Gelenauer Strasse.

Paul Schuppel wife unknown, children Gerhard, Erika, and Werner,

Otto Schuppel married Alma, child is Helmut Schuppel,

Freida Schuppel married Otto Beckert children: are Willie, Kurt and Walter,

Liddy Schuppel married unknown Glaser, child was Werner killed in WWII, remarried unknown Thieme,

Meta Schuppel married Willie Beier, children: Seigfried married Margot, Elfreida married Gunter Borner,

there also was a sister Alma Schuppel don't know if she ever married.

My great grandparents August Richard Schuppel married Marie Linda Pfuller. He lived to be about 100.


Adolph Roscher family immigrated from Gelenau to Pennsylvania in the early 1900's. Looking for any relatives that might still be in Gelenau. My grandmother was Meta Roscher who married Richard Schuppel.

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