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Short Info over Renee Ireton

I was born as Renate Elizabeth Jentzsch 1938 in Dresden-Lockwitz, Sachsen. I completed my schooling which didn't consist of much, since my dad owned his own small horticultural business (Gaertnerei)and I therefore wasn't allowed to get anymore education than 8th grade and Berufsschule as Butcher. I left East Germany illegally had to go through three refuge camps and went to Stuttgart where I lived for 6 years before coming to the US to New Jersey. I married, had 2 children and went to college after they were grown up. After graduation, I worked at Bell Labs in the Telecommunications area. I am retired since 1998 and love it. I am a very dedicated gardner and plant collector of ornamental shrubs, perennials, roses, and evergreens. In addition, I have a large collection of tropical hibiscus, oleander, etc. which have to be dragged twice a year into our cellar and out again. I also became interested growing/killing orchids and have about 40 live ones right now.

I also became interested in genealogy about 4 years ago and waited just long enough until all my older relatives were 'gone'. The result is that I can't even find my grandparents. It is very slow, expensive and frustrating trying to find even the most basic information.

Suche nach Jentzsch from Schoenfeld/Dresden 01328

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