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How to create english pages of places

{{Genealogy of Memelland}}


[[Regional Research]] > [[Lithuania ]] > {{PAGENAME}} <br>

[[Regional Research]] > [[Historic territory]] > [[Germany 1871-1918]] > [[Kingdom Prussia]] > [[East Prussia]] > [[County Tilsit]] > {{PAGENAME}}


== Introduction ==

'''{{PAGENAME}}''', County Tilsit, East Prussia.

====Other Names and Spellings====

===General Information===

== Political Structure ==

== Church Structure == 
=== Evangelical Church ===

=== Roman-Catholic ===

== Civil Registration ==

== School == 

== Inhabitants==
== Inhabitants==
*[[{{PAGENAME}}/Inhabitants |Inhabitants of {{PAGENAME}}]]


== Maps==

== Chance Discoveries ==
Often people, who were not born locally in the area, are found mentioned in church books or other archive source material of a place. These findings are chance discoveries. Such findings are sometimes the only opportunity to break through the Brick Wall in research. On the following page you can add ''chance discoveries'' related to this place or even find one for yourself.  

* [[{{PAGENAME}}/Chance Discoveries]]

== Private Sources of Information and Offers of Help with Research ==
On the following page, private ''(noncommercial !)'' genealogists conducting research on this place, and/or those willing to share genealogical information, perform searches or provide scans/copies etc. regarding this place, can add their contact details. All inquiries should be made '''directly''' to the listed researcher!

* [[{{PAGENAME}}/Researcher Contact]]

== Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV) ==

== Bibliography ==
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[[Category:Place in the Parish of Werden]]

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