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This house in Waldhausen , Baden (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis ) is where John Valentine Egenberger and his wife Helena (Guthman) lived with their family until 1872. Their children,all born in Waldhausen, were Mary, John Valentine, Veronika, Frederick G., Loueza, Bernhard Ludwig (Louis). The following is an excerpt from Veronica's funeral book:

"Veronica Egenberger Weber was born in Waldhausen, Germany on November 4, 1857, on a small farm or acreage. Her parents, John Valentine and Helena were of the thrifty type, and by hard work and economy, saved a little money. Father died when Veronica was about 12 years of age, leaving the mother to care for herself and six children. Two children had preceded the father in death. A Brother of Veronica's mother, had traveled to America and settled in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, where he was successful, and saw a future for Helena and her family, so he made a trip to Germany and after much coaxing, he persuaded his sister to let him take Veronica and John Valentine Jr. to America with him. On the 19th of March 1872, Veronica took her first Holy Communion and on the 21st of March 1872, she and her brother and a relative, Kathryn Henn, age 12 years, and Uncle Frank Guthman said farewell to the folks at home and came to a new land, arriving in Plattsmouth, Nebraska April 17, 1872. Veronica then kept house for Uncle Frank for two years, when he married. By this time Helena had disposed of her home in Germany, and with the remaining four children came to America and settled in Plattsmouth, where her family grew to manhood and womanhood. On September 29th 1880, Veronica was joined in wedlock to William Weber who proceeded her in death on November 24, 1928. To them were born six children, five of whom are living, their first born, a son Fredrick, died in infancy. " (Uncle Frank refers to F. R. Guthman. )

The City of Bristol ships log (April 9, 1872 landing in NY) shows the group of F. R. Guthman(n), John Valentine and Veronica Egenberger and Catherine Henn (unsure of spelling) with an Anton Egenberger landing in NY city. I am still searching for the ship that brought Helena and the other children in September 1872.

The photo above was taken on a later return visit and the couple are unidentified. The house is still standing as of 2006.

Below is a photo taken in Plattsmouth, Nebraska before 1894 of Helena (Guthman) Egenberger and her children: Left to Right the men are Louis (Bernhard Ludwig); Fred (Frederick G.) and John Valentine ( Johan Valentin), Helena is in the center and the daughters are: Left to Right: Louisa (Loueza); Veronica (Veronika) and Mary.


The photo below is of Helena (Guthman)Egenberger, date unknown, but before 1894. She was born 21 Oct 1831 in or near Waldhausen and died 29 May 1894 in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Helena's parents were Frantz Mathus Guthman and Anna Maria Gramlich. I have also seen this last name spelled Guttmann.


Any information on the ancestors of the Egenbergers or Guthmans is greatly appreciated. I am also trying to trace another German ancestor: Louis Schiele born in Bretten, Baden on 03 Jul 1826 and emigrated to the US in 1849, settling in St. Jacobs, Illinois. My other German families are the Speckarts and Bellms from Langenbreucken, Karlsruhe, Baden. Joseph Speckart emigrated to the US in about 1852 and settled in Highland, Illinois where he married Caroline Bellm.

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