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Hello, my name is Judy Rosen. I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

After working from 1964 to 1980 (mostly in Radio and TV) I came home to be a "stay-at-home" mom to raise my two daughters. I tried working on my family tree when the girls were young - got as far as getting any information my mother could remember. Going beyond that, back then (about 20 years ago) seemed to daunting a task. So everything was set aside. About a year ago my brother decided to work on the tree and asked me for any info. I had. That's when I dragged all those notes out again. He got me started again. I was amazed at the information available thru the internet. I was hooked!! All of my ancestors come from Germany.


Her father (my grandfather) WILLIAM L. RUSCHwas concieved on the ship coming to America. His parents and older sister and two brothers were from Lauenburg, Pommern, Germany. His parents were FREDERICK RUSCH AND PAULINE GITZKE RUSCH.

Her mother (my grandmother) AUGUSTA SCHROEDER was also born here - in Chicago. Her parents met here. My great grandfather JOHN SCHROEDER was from Brandenburg, but I don't know yet, what town. My great grandmother SOPHIA BAUMANN SCHROEDER - I have not found much about her family. I only know she was from Prussia.


His father (my grandfather) LAWRENCE MAYER was born in Schifferstadt, Germany and came her with his brothers and sisters.

His mother (my grandmother) EMMA ZIERKE was born here in Chicago. Her father CHARLES ZIERKE and her mother HENRIETTA QUADT were both from Prussia, but, again, I don't know more than that.

I am still travelling down this genealogical road ... but what a wonderful journey it is!!!

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