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My name is C Sullivan, yes I am really called C. I am a 53 year old green-eyed blonde about 5'6" and ample. Born in Denver, Colorado and now reside about 40 miles north of Seattle, Washington. I am half German and half Irish. I have been lucky in tracing the German side of my family tree. Maybe that should just be luckier than my Irish side. I have the most common Irish name in Massachusetts and my family comes from an area of Ireland that there are SO many Sullivan’s they are all known by their sept (clan) names which of course I have no idea what it might be.

As opposed to the Irish side my German ancestors in some cases have quite rare surnames. Bindel and Bockwinkel being the ones that come to mind first. Probably 95% of the Bindel's here in the USA are descendants of the same mother and 3 sons that came here together. I have also been lucky in the fact that while I searched in vain for my Lehmann family I met someone that has been working the geographic area for ages. She told me it was Von Lehmann and that The Von had been dropped in the generation after their arrival. It turns out he was married to a Bockwinkel and someone has been researching the surname and has visited the town in Germany. He has records connecting at least the individuals that were married back to the 1600s but the town was created in the 900s.

I have been working on my families' genealogy off and on since the mid 1980s. I pretty much started when my father died (how I wish I had started sooner) and because when I was 17 I had a daughter and I put her up for adoption. I believe she has the right to know where she came from and that has been the thing that kept me going until researching on the Internet arrived. Now I am enthralled and when I can't find a link back I work on descendants.

Other things about me. I am the eldest child of 9 I had 7 brothers and 1 sister. My sister had Down's syndrome and 2 of my brothers did as well but they lived less than a week. My sister passed away when she was 15 due to the congenital heart disease that can come with Down's.

I raised my siblings, well I guess really very early. My mother it turns out had something called Mosaic Down's syndrome. It basically means that come cells have the abnormality and some do not. In the flesh it meant that you could not tell she had it. The mental effects were more a lack of emotional growth than mental acuity. She graduated from high school for example. At any rate my aunts and uncles tell me I was changing my brother's diapers from the time I was about 3. I know I was cooking most of the meals by the time I was 10. My dad was a hard working house painter and was gone 6 days a week trying to feed us all. Mom left when I was 15 and actually it seemed at the time one less child to raise. the kids at the time were myself 15, Tim 13, Mary Ann 10, Kenny 8, Billy 7, Brian 3 and Michael 13-mos.

Other than my one daughter I have had no other children. I have been on the rent-a-niece program as 3 of the 5 brothers I have left followed me out to Seattle.

I spent 30 years in the computer field dealing with Supply Chain Management (Manufacturing and Distribution) software. I was in a car accident: hit by a chicken truck full of chicken feed on April Fool’s Day 1994. The end result of which is my currently being disabled. All along I have been a writer and artist as hobbies along with 2 huge passions in my life, photography and scuba diving. I am also a nutty cat lady. I raised, bred, showed and judged pedigreed cats. I can no longer do that but am still nuts about them and have several. To the extent I can I still remodel my home and created a koi pond with waterfalls from the swimming pool in the back, A lot of what I love is pictured on my website. Purring Fox is the name of my cattery.

Is this just way to much information? I guess if anyone wants to know more they can ask and I will add it or just answer the question.


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