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User: Anna Knaebel I am currently researching my grandparents Willi and Anna Hollenbach Doerge and my father Alban, who was age 11 when immigrated from Port Bremen, Germany, and arrived at Ellis Island, New York, America on December 24, 1924 via ship Columbia.(taken from Passport)

Staying in New York for a few weeks they visited friends(per obituary) and then came to Savanah, Missouri to visit her Uncles Andres and Bernard Hollenbach. In a few months they again moved about 20 miles instate to St. Joseph, Missouri and opened a beauty shop as they were in that profession abroad. (taken from St. Joseph, MO Business Directory of 1927)

In July 1925, Anna's parents, Joseph and Doretha Schmucking Hollenbach of Wolfenbuttel immigrated also from Port Bremen, Germany and arrived at Ellis Island, New York, America.

They traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri to live with their daughter and son, Alban who was my father. During their stay in St. Joseph Missouri, Alban received the sacrament of Confirmation at the Twin Spires Catholic Church(NAME TO BE ADDED LATER) The family lived in a duplex type house on Street where Grandma Anna had her Regis Beauty Salon on one side and living in the upstairs. Her parents, Joseph and Dorthea Hollenbach lived on the other side of the house.

In 1927 the family and parents moved to the St. Louis Missouri area where they opened a beauty shop on Delmar Street, while living in University City, Missouri. Joseph died in June, 1932 while Dorthea continued living until September, 1936. They both are buried in Calvery Cemetery in North St. Louis, Missouri.

Willi and Anna continued to operate the beauty shop on Delmar. Their son Alban attended McBride High School, naturally winning the writing contest in German. His previous schooling was in Germany. Alban graduated from high school and attended Beauty College to also work in the family business. He did this for several years and later married Marcella Brophy. He practiced his profession in Nashville Tennessee for sometime. Because of the strong solutions used in the hair permanents, he developed irritated lungs and it was suggested by doctors what he leave his profession due to health reason. It was suggested that he get more fresh air and sunshine and live in the country. His first son was George was born in St. Joseph, MO where he went to stay with a Great Uncle and wife to see if the farm life would help his health. Sometime later he moved his family to Hope, Osage County, Missouri where they operated a small diary operation. Anna, their second child, was born there on June 21, 1936.

More later

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