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I've had good fortune locating information to trace most of my German roots back a century or two. The Reibert family from the village of Himbach in Oberhessien, Stuenkel from Schwarmstedt, Celle and Hannover, Feger from Peterstal in Baden and Dorschner from the former village of Steinbach, Falkenau in Bohemia. The only line that totally elludes me is my paternal line of Schulz from Sagan!

I've had no luck locating many records from Sagan, where a large number of Schulz family lived before WWII. Sagan is now Zagan in Poland. Anyone have an origin there?

My greatgrandfather, Friedrick Ernst was born in Sagan 19 December 1854 and his father's name was Wilhelm Friedrick Schulz. Friedrick Ernst Schulz apperently came alone to Chicago Illinios in 1882 or 1885, but seemed not to have kept in touch with his close relatives back in Germany. He married a woman from Hesse (Reibert) and his son married a woman from Ricklingen by Hannover (Stuenkel) and it was these they corresponded with. In 1926 he and his wife did return briefly to Germany and according to a journal they kept, visited the extended family, not mentioning a single Schulz and did not stop in Sagan! Only that he sought his friends in Gorlitz unsucessfully, so he must have lived there in the 1870-80's before coming to Chicago. He had a number of photos, processed in Sagan and said to be his sisters, but with no names on them! And there is a military picture taken in Posen, so I assume that he was in the Army but have not found how to locate Military records from there. He died in the 1930's and the war seems to have destroyed most of the local records of relevance, or so I'm told. Anyone searching records in Sagan with pointers for me? My letters in Polish to Zagan were replied negatively---I've hit a wall unless someone has a missing link for me.

BIOGRAPHY: Of his birth in Sagan, Silesia, we know nothing because no one can yet find a birth-baptismal record. In the Chicago church where he married he gave his father's name as "Friedck Wm. Schulz" and his birthplace as "Sagan Schlesien." He may have lived in another city in Germany and certainly was in Gorlitz, before immigrating to the United States in either April 1882, as he states below, or 1885 as he had stated earlier on 1900 census record.

Record and Index of Persons Registered and of Poll Lists of Voters, City of Chicago, Northern District of Illinois, 1892. Page 551, Congressional District 2, Ward 10, Precinct 17, 573 Ambrose St., Schulz Fredk. Ernst, nativity Germany, Term of Residence: in Precinct 5 yrs., in county 10 yrs., State 10 yrs., Naturalized Dec. 13, 1888 Circuit Court of Cook County, Qualified Voter: Yes. Date of Application to be Registered: October 25, 1892. Voted, Yes.

In 1926 the retired F.E. Schulz and wife Kate nee Reibert sailed to Breman and visited her relatives in Himbach, Frankfurt, etc. and their children's in-laws in Hannover (Stuenkels) and Switzerland (Von Arx). US Passport application: Special Series No. 2930, Chicago Illinois, approved May 29, 1926: "I, Ernest Schulz, a citizen of the UNITED STATES, hereby apply to the Department of State, at Washington, for a passport. I solemnly Swear that I was born at Sagan Germany, on December 19, 1854, that I was married on May 21, 1887; that I immigrated to the United States, on or about April 1882; that I resided, continuously, in the United States from 1882 to 1926, at Chicago ILL; that I was naturalized before the Circuit Court of Cook County Ill., on December 13, 1888, as shown by the Certificate of Naturalization presented herewith; that I am the identical person described in said certificate ; that I am domiciled in the United States, my permanent residence being at Chicago, in the State of Illinois, where I follow the profession of retired machinist, and that I have reside outside the United States since my Naturalization Never. My father, William Schulz, was born in Germany is now dead. My last passport was obtained from none. I desire a passport for use in visiting the countries herinafter named for the following purposes: Germany visit relatives Switzerland I will be accompanied by my wife Kate Schulz, who was born at Himbach Germany on June 19-1865, and to whom I was married on May 21, 1887."

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