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Miscellaneous News Ship "WASHINGTON SHIP Dated Oct 19, 1847

The ship 'Washington Ship' which put to sea on Oct 19 1847 had the following passengers aboard [presumably the ship was sailing from Europe to New York]

Passengers list:

  • Herr Georg Heinsohn from Neuhaus
  • Mrs. Herr Georg Heinsohn wife from Neuhasu
  • a servant [for Herr Georg Heinsohn} from Neuhasu
  • Herr F Victor from New York
  • Mrs Herr F Victor from New York
  • they had 4 children that traveled with them plus a servant
  • Herr M D Beruck[Baruch?] from New York
  • Miss Levi from New York
  • Miss C Huetterott from Bremen
  • Herr J Droege from Bremen
  • Herr T Buettner from Bremen
  • Herr Ingelbert Iken from Bremen
  • Herr H v[on] Kapff from Bremen
  • Herr Chr[istian] Schneider from Bremen
  • Herr Dr. C Palmedo from Berlin
  • A. Palmedo[consul] from Berlin traveling with Dr. Palmedo
  • Miss Samson from Lehe
  • Herr Baron von Bendeleben from Hamburg
  • Uckersmann from Hamburg
  • Herr C. Epping from Charleston[SC?]
  • Herr Morales from Matanzas[Cuba]
  • Mrs Morales from Matanzas[Cuba]
  • servant traveling with the Morales family

Note of Appreciation

  • Dated Jun 7 1849
  • Captain Floyd

We, the undersigned passengers of the steamship "WASHINGTON" Captain Floyd, which depared from New York[for Bremen], wish to thank the captain and all his officers for their attentions and friendly behavior.

  • Signed:
  • B. Schenck
  • G.Schuetze and wife
  • P.R.Scherr
  • C.Loecklen
  • Fred[erick] Fickey
  • Tr? F. Seyfarth
  • C. Muegge and wife
  • E. Kerksieg
  • J. Rodewald
  • J.H. Ohlmeyer and wife
  • August Doench
  • J.P. Coyle
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