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Lazarus Sengstock

born 1562 in Lübeck, studied in Riga and Danzig, became a clergyman in Werden,from there he announced in May 1587 the death of the priest in Prökuls Radunius to Königsberg. (Gesch. des Kreises Memel pg. 101-History of the County Memel).

His relatives in Memel; Hermann Sengstock a citizen in 1570 (St. A. F. 234 pg. 21) and Michel Sengstock 1579 and 1595 known as a cousin of priest Lazarus (St. A. F. 234 pg. 144, 147).

The brewer Merten Borckhardt`s widow Regina in the old city of Königsberg delivered Lazarus beer for 35 Mk. and asked the Duke in 1591 to help her to get her money because Sengstock wanted to go to Kurland .

Because he only earned 25 Mk. a year and had no land he wanted to improve his situation and so in Nov.1593 he wanted to become priest in Breistenstein or Kraupischken , but Bartholomäus Willent got the parish and Sengstock stayed in Werden, and the appointment of Benedict Furmann for Werden was made undo.

So in Feb.1594 Sengstock asked the Duke to make Werden`s parish independent and to give him land for his living.A tailor (Clement Rentzsch) was living on that land ,so his wish was not successful.(St. A. Et. Min. 98d W u. H).

Finally he went to Ruß in 1595.

Peter Vlovius

Benedictus Furmann

Johannes Höpfner (Höpner)

Andreas Groß

Johannes Cynthius

Gottfried Tiedke (Thydke)

Gottfried Tiedke was born 5/12/1723 as son of the priest Tobias Tiedke and his wife Lovisa Regina Schimmelpfenniger, baptized in Lappienen ( Memelniederung). (Source: Lappienen Taufen 1723/122, S. 67 re, Mormonenfilm-Nr. 1813416 )
Since 30/9/1743 he studied in Königsberg (Albertus-Universität). (Source: Georg Erler, Die Matrikel der Albertus-Universität zu Königsberg i. Pr., II. Band, Leipzig 1911/12)
He was a priest in:
1756 – 1770 in Berschkallen (KK Insterburg) 1770 – 1778 in Wischwill (KK Ragnit) 1778 - 1791 in Werden (Krs. Heydekrug) (Source: Friedwald Moeller: Altpreußisches evangelisches Pfarrerbuch, Sonderschrift Nr. 11 erschienen beim VfFOW)
The 25/1/1791 he died in Werden at the age of 67 of a fever. (Source: Werden Sterbefälle 1791/73, S. 60, KB AS 2764, Leipzig)


Source: Sembritzki/Bittens: Geschichte des Kreises Heydekrug, 1920- a history of the county Heydekrug

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