Zscheile (surname)

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Origin and Meaning

Probably of slawic Origin

Name Variations

  • Zscheile
  • Zscheyle
  • Cscheile
  • Scheile

Geographical Distribution

relative distribution of the lastname Zscheile (a total of 177 entries in 2002) created by Geogen 3.0
legend: less than 10 occurrence per million, up to 35 occ./mil., up to 70 occ./mil., up to 105 occ./mil., up to 140 occ./mil., more than 140 occ./mil.

Was mainly in Saxony, but now distributed all over Germany. There is a large branch in the USA, they emigrated to the USA in 1880 from Reichenberg near Dresden in Saxony. Besides Germany and the US the "Zscheile" name is not very common anywhere in the world.


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