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Note of Appreciation

  • Dated Sept 10, 1849, Port Adelaide[South Australia]
  • Ship Australia
  • Captain W.H. Sleeboom
  • We, the undersigned, wish to certify in the name of all passengers of the

ship Australia that, during our entire voyage from Hamburg to Port Adelaide, Captain W.H. Sleeboom treated us with friendliness and sureness of leadership. We can also testify to the quality of provisions and water and to the beautiful furnishing of the ship. [Signed]

  • G.G. Steinthal from Hamburg
  • E? [C] T. Eimbke from Hamburg
  • C. Gr.[Georg?] Frey from Hamburg
  • J.H. Buse from Helgoland
  • J.J. Kruss from Helgoland
  • S. Albrecht from Lautenberg
  • H. Vithosius from Berlin
  • A. v[on] Hellberg from Berlin
  • M. Wildenbach from Berlin
  • F. Hahn from Potsdam
  • C. Weber from Frankfurt am O[der]
  • F. Thiele from Paderborn
  • W. Ahle from Paderborn
  • A. Noack? [Roack?] from Dresden
  • A. Schlaegel from Dresden
  • C.H. Ullmann from Dresden
  • T. Mueller from Dresden
  • A. Huchting from Bremen
  • C.W. Hentschel from Leipzig
  • C. Koester from Zahrnsdorf
  • A.H.C. Rubini from Neu-Strelitz
  • H.H. Reimers from Boitzenburg
  • S. Isaacson from Neu-Buckow
  • C. Willmer from Harzburg
  • C.A. Patzel from Posen
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