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Notes of Thanks from passengers on the

  • Hamburg ship"BRASILIEN"
  • Captain J Henrichsen
  • Dated July 1848, New York
  • The note is signed by the following immigrants:
  • T.J Arnold from Fuerstenwalde
  • A. Mayer from Fuerth, Bavaria
  • S Erstling from Breslau
  • J.Adler from Bavaria
  • Aug[ust] F Oertel from Oederan
  • Simon Goldstein from Namslau, Prussia
  • F.Frey from Weissenfels, Prussia
  • Otto Kummer from Muensterberg, Prussia
  • August Koehler from Muensterberg, Prussia
  • R. Richter from Muensterberg, Prussia
  • A. Wolf from Muensterberg, Prussia
  • A. Thomas from Liegnitz,Prussia
  • C. Koppitz from Rheinfeldt, Holstein
  • Sister of Koppitz from Rheinfeldt, Holstein
  • Johannes Bagger from Kopenhagen
  • H.L.Vogt from Hamburg
  • Joachim Greve from Kiel
  • family of Greve (no number or names not given)
  • A.J.Emeis from Kiel
  • F Loewy from Berlin
  • Christian Sarau from Segeberg, Holstein
  • family of Sarau (no number or names not given)
  • C.H. Schweim from Segeberg, Holstein
  • J.D.Kaach from Ascheberg, Holstein
  • F.Halberg from Bredstedt, Schleswig
  • C.H. Runge from Segeberg, Holstein
  • G.W. Friedrich from Emmershausen, Wuerttemberg
  • Gustav Zimmer from Emmershausen, Wuerttemberg
  • Heinrich Kuckuck from Kassel
  • G. Timm from Marne, Holstein
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