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Derivation and Meaning

One variation for the formation of the surname Braune results from the description of physical characteristics. The middlehigh german word brün (brown, dark-colorfully, shiny, glistens) could be in context with the description of the

  • haircolor,
  • beardcolor,
  • skincolor or
  • eyecolor as origin of the name.

Another variation for the origin of the name of Braune is an alteration of the word (german: diphthongeering) usual to former time. It means, that from a word with one vowel, a monosyllabically spoken becomes, from two vowels composite tone like for example au, ei, eu etc (-> diphthong). As prior form of the name Braun(e), the christian name Brun(o) could be served.

Oldest detected family name:

  • Martin Braune * 1530 Jeßnitz/Germany (saxony stream) ev.
  • Rudolf Braune * 1730 Winterberg/Germany (sauerland stream), roman catholic.

Versions of the name

  • Brun (1108)
  • Brune (1232)
  • Bruyn (1352)
  • Brün (1371)
  • Braun (1560/63 Lüneburg/Germany)
  • Brunower (1448 Freiburg/Germany)
  • von Braune (1555 Görlitz/Germany)
  • Bruns
  • Brauns

developed from ‚Bruno’ are this surnames:

  • Brun(e)
  • Bruhn
  • Bruncke.

Southgerman forms of Braun(e) are

  • Bräunle
  • Bräunlein
  • Breinl
  • Breinlein

Geographical distribution in Germany

relative distribution of the lastname Braune (a total of 2339 entries in 2002) created by Geogen 3.0
legend: less than 10 occurrence per million, up to 90 occ./mil., up to 180 occ./mil., up to 270 occ./mil., up to 360 occ./mil., more than 360 occ./mil.

Following map is taken from the german dtv-Atlas Namenkunde and shows the variation of the surname about 1920/1930:


Geographical distribution in France

Geographical distribution in the Netherlands

For comparison look at the surname Braun

In the Netherlands we found no persons named 'Braune':


Geographical distribution in Belgien

In Belgium we found 34 telephone mainlines in the year 1998 :


Celebrity Persons

Braune, Rudolf
  • Theodor Wilhelm Braune (* 20.02.1850 Großthiemig/Liebenwerda, † 10.11.1926 Heidelberg) specialist in german studies
  • Rudolf Braune (* 16.02.1907 Dresden, † 12.06.1932 Düsseldorf) german author und journalist
  • Ernst Braune (* 29.12.1853, † 1942) , german politician in Radeberg/Sachsen
  • Tilo Braune (* 11.08.1954 Rochlitz/Sachsen) german politician

Owner of the name

International telephonlist of the name 'Braune' -> year 2000

Geographical names in Germany

  • Otto-Braune-Straße, 14513 Berlin-Teltow/Germany


Crests of Braune



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