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Note of Appreciation Dated May 31, 1847, Liverpool Captain Mallet We, the undersigned[passengers] from Hamburg, via England, to New York, wish to state our complete satisfaction with the care taken by shipping agent Herr Bernhard Honig in Hamburg....[Signed] ---Mielenz from Koenigsberg am M Regierungsbezirk[governmental district] Frankfurt am O pper[der] with a family of ten[persons] ---Meussdoerferhatter from Culmbach in Bavaria ---Andree, carpenter from Berlin ---Bahnemann from Regierungsbezirk[governmental district] Frankfurt am O[der] with 5 persons ---Muellerfrom Potsdam with 11 persons ---Freund paperhanger from Koenigsberg in der Neumark ---Matte brothers from Koenigsberg in der Neumark --- Hammann dyer from Culmbach, Bavaria --- Schmidt, Ferd[inand] goldplater from Berneck, Bavaria ---EulerJohn from Wuerttemberg ---WarneckeHeinr[ich] from Celle

Potschnerfrom Freienwalde am O[der], Regierungsbezirk[governmental district], Potsdam
Fritze Fr[iedrich] W with 4 children and 2 domestics from Oberweissbach, Duchy of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt
HopfenmoellerMarianne from Motschenbach Bavaria.
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