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1:286. Note of Appreciation, dated 31 May 1847. Liverpool, aboard the American ship Columbina Captain Mallet.

We, the undersigned [passengers] from Hamburg, via England, to New York, wish to state our complete satisfaction with the care taken by shipping agent Herr Bernhard Honig in Hamburg…[signed]

--MIELENZ from Koenigsberg am M., Regierungsbezirk [governmental district] Frankfurt am O[der] with a family of ten [persons]: -- MEUSSDOERFER, hatter from Culmbach in Bavaria; -- ANDREE, carpenter from Berling; --BAHNEMANN from Regierungsbezirk [governmental district] Frankfurt an O[der], with 5 persons; --MUELLER from Potsdam, with 11 persons; --FREUND, paperhanger [from Koenigsberg in der Neumark]; --MATTE, brothers from Koenigsberg in der Neumark --HAMMANN, dyer from Culmbach, Bavaria; --Ferd[inand] SCHMIDT, goldplater from Berneck, Bavaria --Joh[ann] EULER from Wuerttemberg; --Heinr[ich] WARNECKE from Celle; --POTSCHNER from Freidenwalde am O[dar], Reierungsbezirk[governmental district] Potsdam; --Fr[iedrich?] W FRITZE with 4 children and 2 domestics from Oberweissbach, Duchy of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt; --Marianne HOPFENMOELLER from Motschenbach Bavaria.

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