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Origin and Meaning


Name Variations

The following name variations have been found in the U.S. census entries or indexes:

Cornelius, Cornelivo, Carnelius, Cornelias, Lomelius.

Geographical Distribution

relative distribution of the lastname Cornelius (a total of 1531 entries in 2002) created by Geogen 3.0
legend: less than 10 occurrence per million, up to 155 occ./mil., up to 310 occ./mil., up to 465 occ./mil., up to 620 occ./mil., more than 620 occ./mil.
  • provides geographic surname data for the United States. According to the website, "The sources of the surname data are the 1850 Census, 1880 Census, 1920 Census, and 1990's phone books. Note that the Census data is a sampling of 1 in 100 names, so the 1990 data is the most accurate."

In 1850, one in 1,000 or fewer individuals bearing the Cornelius surname reside in Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiania and Wisconsin. One in 10,000 or fewer Cornelius families live in the remaining states.

In 1880, the surname appears in California, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Alabama, West Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, Pennsylvania, and New York. Cornelius households appear in the highest numbers (nearly 1 in 100) in Oregon.

By 1920, the surname appears in every state of the United States 1 in 10,000 times or less... except in Washington, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Pennsylvania, where the surname appears approximately one in 1,000 times. The state with the fewest number of Cornelius surnames in 1920 was Missouri.

By 1990, the Cornelius surname is seen across the nation. Only 8 states show less than 1 in 1,000 Cornelius households according to the phone directories: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachutes, Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Alaska. Approximately 1 in 1,000 people reside in the remaining states.


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