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'Dresdner Residenztreff - Dresden Residence Club'

The idea, born in a small circle of friends, was to conceive a series of events which would bring together interested genealogists and researchers of the local heritage as well as beginners in these fields from Dresden and from all over Saxony. As this group met in Dresden a name for the new venture was quickly found.

One condition of the series of events was to create an athmosphere of relaxed exchange and further gain of knowledge about our mutual hobby genealogy and bordering issues apart from actual research activities.

Another concern of the meetings is to provide a meeting point for all those who are dedicated to the idea of voluntary work without financial interests, to further the exchange of ideas and research results beyond the internet.

So, twice a year, we invite all who are interested to the

Dresdner Residenztreff (Dresden Residence Club) These events are not bound to a membership of associations or lists.

Themes as general research queries, genealogy software, particularities of research in Saxony, publication of research results, and the use of the internet, are permanent features of the discussion forums. Here beginners in this field as well as seasoned genealogists and researchers of the local heritage can get priceless tips from the ranks of participants. Independent of age, gender, and memberships all those interested are very welcome.

René Gränz from Dresden who organises the meetings will spice them up with interesting topics of Dresden family research. Your ideas are also very welcome!

The meetings are concluded in a more intimate circle in a pub or restaurant near the venue. Here researchers can chat and exchange about issues of their own interest.

More information about the Dresdner Residenztreff you can find at [1]

Below are the lnks where you can view and listen to reviews of the meetings that already have taken place as well as take a look at upcoming events:

1. Dresdner Residenztreff: Visit at the SLUB Dresden, 08.05.2006 [2]

2. Dresdner Residenztreff: Visit at the City Archive Dresden, 08.05.2007 [3]

3. Dresdner Residenztreff: Visit at the Institut für Sächsische Geschichte und Volkskunde Dresden e.V. (Institute for History and Ethnology of Saxony Dresden e.V.),18.09.2007 [4]

4. Dresdner Residenztreff: 28.05.2008, Visit at the Saxon State Center for Political Education in Dresden [5]

5. Dresdner Residenztreff: 09.09.2008, Visit at the Town Museum Dresden and st the Dresden Historical Association.[6]

6.Dresdner Residenztreff: Dresden, May 2009. Venue yet to be determined. [7]

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