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This is supposed to be a little guide for english- speaking researchers until the FOKO Website is available in English.

FOKO means Forscher Kontakte [Researcher Contacts]

It is a database of Names and it shows how to get more information on that name. At the moment there are over 1,6 Mill. Names listed and on the average you will get 10 results per search.

Just an example:

You are looking for the name Kracke

Clicking on the Fokolink takes you to the FOKO Database

Start with entering the name you are looking for [ in your case Kracke] into the Name box

if you know the place, you can add this into the Ort box.

Clicking on the Suchen button will get you about 75 results with all kinds of variations of the Kracke name and it looks like this:

Name von bis Konfession Ort Einsender Info
Name from to Confession Place Researcher Info
Kracke18481869evangelisch D-28717 Lesum (Bremen)
Kracke 1779 - - D-27793 Wildeshausen (Niedersachsen)
and so on, but you are interested in:
Kracke 1784 -- D-27318 Wechold Amt Hoya (Niedersachsen) MS0129


The info about the Kracke Name starts in 1784 in the town of Wechold which is in Niedersachsen ( Lower Saxony )
and has the ZIP code of D-27318 (dont need the 'D' anymore)

The Researcher's Code Name is MS0129 and you should put a check mark in the little square box in the next column.

Then click on the Button below " Info anfordern"

After this comes a whole page of rules and legal "balony" [ don't tell anyone I said this and they will ban me for life] with a rectangular box where you should put in your Email address.

After this, click on the button below: "Regeln gelesen, verstanden und akzeptiert" Meaning: " I read the rules, understood and accept them"

On the next screen you will be notified, that the info has been sent to your mailbox.

Within a few seconds I received the Info:

Online OFB Bremen-Vegesack Die MAUS e. V.
Am Staatsarchiv 1
D - 28203 Bremen
  Kracke von 1784 in Wechold Amt Hoya

Meaning this Info is Online in the OFB Bremen-Vegesack ( Local Heritage Book of the town of Bremen- Vegesack).

Click on "surnames" and on the following screen click on"K".
Navigate down to "Kracke" and you are HERE

with lots of Info about your "Kracke"...

Sounds complicated ???.... ;-)
Well, things will be made easier for everyone in the not too distant future.

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