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General Information Franken


Franken: Historical Maps online

Franken from 850 - 1050, in the early Middle Ages

Grenzen der Bistümer Würzburg und Eichstätt, frühes Mittelalter, um 900,]   (138 KB)
Borders of the Dioceses Würzburg and Eichstätt, about 900

Fränkische Bistümer Würzburg, Bamberg, Eichstätt, Mittelalter, um 1050,]   (144 KB)
Dioceses Würzburg, Bamberg and Eichstätt, about 1050

Franken from 1050 - 1250, in the high Middle Ages

Heiliges Römisches Reich, Stammherzogtum Franken, 11. Jhr.,]   (264 KB)
Holy Roman Empire; "Duchy of Franconia", 11th Century

Einflussgebiete wichtiger Adelsgeschlechter in Franken, um 1200,]   (145 KB)
Areas of important Nobilities in Franconia, about 1200

Stadtgründungen in Franken, bis 1254,]   (137 KB), Founding of cities in Franconia, until 1254

Franken from 1250 - 1500, in the late Middle Ages

Städtelandschaft in Franken, 1255-1313,]   (147 KB), Cities in Franconia, 1255-1313

Stadtgründungen in Franken, 1314-1347,]   (150 KB), Founding of cities in Franconia, 1314-1347

Städtelandschaft in Franken,  um 1500]  (232 KB), Cities in Franconia, about 1500

Franken, um 1500,]   (232 KB), Franconia, about 1500

Dialekträume in Franken]   (133 KB), Dialect regions in Franconia

Franken from 1517 - 1618, time of Reformation/Gegenreformation (1517-1556)

Note: Online versions of Franconia-specific maps that show the situation in Franconia (Mittelfranken, Oberfranken, Unterfranken) at that time are currently unknown to me. See therefore belows general maps with additional Franconia-specific references. (Alija, Aug. 2005)

  • Territorialstaaten auf dem Gebiet des heutiges Deutschlands, 1519-1556  (1.727 KB;  2 Karten)
    Map 1) Germany at the time of Charles V., 1519-1556
       see: "Reichsstadt Nuremberg", "Markgrafschaft Ansbach" (today Middle Franconia), "Markgrafschaft Bayreuth", "Bistum Bamberg" (today Upper Franconia) and "Bistum Würzburg" (today Lower Franconia)
    Map 2) Districts of the Empire in the 16th century, (Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation)
       see: "Fränkischer Reichskreis", (Franconian District of the Empire)
  • Die Religiöse Situation in Europa, um 1560  (438 KB)
    see: "Lutherans" in the regions Nuremberg, Ansbach, (today Middle Franconia), Bayreuth, Coburg (today Upper Franconia) and "Catholics" in the regions Würzburg (today Lower Franconia) and Bamberg (today Upper Franconia)
  • Glaubensspaltung in Mitteleuropa, um 1580  (91 KB)
    Religious situation in Central Europe, 1580
    see: "Lutheran territories" in the area of todays Middle Franconia (Nuremberg, Ansbach), "Catholic areas" in the region of todays Lower Franconia (Würzburg) and Upper Franconia (Bamberg)

Franken from 1618 - 1682, time of 30-Year-War (1618-1648)

Franken from 1745 - 1799

Bayern from 1803 - 1871, (Franken part of Bayerns since 1803/1806/1810/1814)

  • Bayern von 1799-1997    Development of the territory of Bavaria from 1777-1997, Interactive map display,  7 maps
  • Königreich Bayern, 1810           (47 KB),  Kingdom of Bavaria, 1810
       see here: Rezatkreis (today Middle Franocina), Mainkreis (today Upper Franconia)

Bayern around 1910, on the Military Map of Central Europe - Index sheet

For the Franken bzw. Bayern region see the map parts where cities: Würzburg, Bamberg, Ansbach, Ingolstadt are located. The single maps are very detailed and include even the smallest places and villages. Clicking on the index map will bring up the detailed map of the chosen area. Each detail map is ca. 3-3,5 MB in size. Currently 267 detailed sheets for whole Central Europe are available for download. Index sheet of the general map of Central Europe (1:200.000, 3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary).

Bayern from 1918 - 1948 (incl. Franken)

Bayern today (inkl. Franken)

Bavaria: Administrative Organization

Administrative Organization 1819 - 1871

Administrative Organization today

  • Bayern heute, 1:2 Mio. - Verwaltungsausgabe  (246 KB)
     (bay_v.pdf),Map of Bavaria today, with all administrative details: 7 Regierungsbezirke (Government Districts), alle Landkreise (all Counties), Landkreisgrenzen (county borders), cities, rivers etc.

Franken from 1745 until today, Maps chronological per Administrative District

Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia)


Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)


Unterfranken (Lower Franconia)


Markgrafschaften Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Bayreuth, 1347-1789

Margravates (Principalities) Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Bayreuth, also called: "Principality beyond Gebirgs" and "Principality above Gebirgs". Territories of the Franconian "Hohenzollern", first as Burggrafen of Nuremberg, later on as Margraves.
auch bezeichnet als: Fürstentum unterhalb Gebirgs und Fürstentum oberhalb Gebirgs
Gebiete der fränkischen Hohenzollern, zuerst als Burggrafen von Nürnberg, danach als Markgrafen

Bayern: Historical maps of the Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online (BLO)

The Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online (BLO) is an information portal of Bavarian libraries, which combines the widespread and manifold digital resources about the History of Bavaria. The Bavarian State Library has a widespread collection of historical maps from all over the world. Some of these maps document the political, economical and area-wise development of Bavaria. The oldest maps are from the 16th century, the main part of the collection covers the 19th century. The BLO publishes on its website a selection of the most beautiful and valuable pieces from its holdings. The offered selection will be continually updated.
Maps can be enlarged. Single map parts can be zoomed and with mouse-right-click (save file) its possible to download them. Additional it is possible to order reproductions (paper, film or CD-Rom).

Franken - Other maps

Counties and Independent Cities in Administrative District Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia)

Ansbach (City) | Erlangen (City) | Fürth (City) | Nürnberg (City) | Schwabach (City) |
Counties: Ansbach | Erlangen-Höchstadt | Fürth | Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim |
Nürnberger Land | Roth | Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen |

Counties and Independent Cities in Administrative District

Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)

Bamberg (City) | Bayreuth (City) | Schweinfurt (City) | Coburg (City) | Hof (City) |
Counties: Bamberg | Bayreuth | Coburg | Forchheim | Hof | Kronach | Kulmbach | Lichtenfels | Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge |

Counties and Independent Cities in Administrative District Unterfranken (Lower Franconia)

Aschaffenburg (City) | Schweinfurt (City) | Würzburg (City) |
Counties: Aschaffenburg | Bad Kissingen | Haßberge | Main-Spessart | Miltenberg | Rhön-Grabfeld | Schweinfurt | Würzburg |

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