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Direct link to the Chat: irc://
(this link only works, if an IRC program is already installed)

An IRC channel is a virtual public meeting place. Everybody is welcome, who is interested in talks and topics around our Genealogical Wiki GenWiki. All questions and problems will be recognized and answered, if there are enough skilled members online at that time in the channel.

The difference to mailing lists consists in a "straighter" and informal communication. You can create ideas an have questions, partial answers and so on instead of wellformed statements and thoughts. So solutions can grow in a common conversation, wrong orientations and directions can be prevented in early steps. It is not a substitution for a real conference but a practical tool in between.

Attention: This is a new offering of our project group, so it needs time to establish. Please keep patience, if there is no immediatly reaction. And: please keep in mind the possible time zone difference...

There is no fixed attendance time, everybody can join and leave the channel as he/she wants or can. Appointments for talking about a special topic are possible and appreciated (and can be made for example even here in GenWiki or in the mailing list).


  • you need an IRC programm (may be - you have already installed one?).
  • typical design: a big output window, a small input window (often only one input line).
  • usernames (nicknames) are arbitrary and without obligation, but usually you will use only one for all chats
  • keep patience: may be, all members are busy and do not recognize that even you have input ("said") something.
  • you simply type messages at the input line and send it with ENTER.
  • IRC commands begin with / . So no real message should and can begin with the slash.

Major commands are:

/server connects you with the server mentioned
/join #genwiki join/enter our channel ("Chat Room") (there are a lot of others too)
/nick NAME changes your nickname (if the default name ist wrong or already in use)
/msg nickserv register <your special password> registers your password; you need a password, e.g. if you want to talk direct and only (privat) with another chat member. (Please omit the brackets ofcourse...). This has to be done only once.
/msg nickserve identify <password> After you have joined the channel this command identifies you, e.g. for bilateral talks.
/msg USER txt private message txt to user USER
/me DoSomething. describes what you are just doing, to be written in 3. person
/leave #<nameofchannel> if you have joined more then one channel, you can leave single channel without closing the whole IRC program.
/quit this command let you leave all channels ("Chat Rooms") at once and closes the IRC program.

incomplete list of some IRC programs:

Depending on program philosophy you have enter connection data in an options dialog or you have to put all essential data via /-commands (described above).

  • server:
  • channel: #genwiki

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