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Genealogy Get-Together (Genealogiestammtisch) Limbach District [1]

In the time-honoured fashion of well-known lokal historians and family researchers in the Limbach district - like Horst Strohbach, Paul Fritzsching, Karl Fritzsching, and Paul Seydel - Christian Kirchner, manager of the archive Limbach-Oberfrohna und René Gränz, a businessman from Dresden are re-establishing a regular meeting of interested lokal historians and family researchers. The range of research comprises the following towns and villages:

Limbach, Oberfrohna, Mittelfrohna, Niederfrohna, Kändler, Rußdorf, Wolkenburg, Kaufungen, Pleißa, Bräunsdorf, Uhlsdorf, Fichtigsthal, Jahnshorn, Dürrengerbisdorf, Röhrsdorf und Löbenhain.

In the casual get-togethers themes of genealogy and local history in the Limbach area will be discussed. One focal point is the exchange of research results, so, to bring those to the meetings is expressly asked for. Points of interest are lokal history and family research in the above mentioned towns as well as ... and the regions around Waldenburg, Glauchau, Remse and Burgstädt. Participation does not require membership in any club or association. Generally, there will be no costs.

Below you will find reviews of the meetings that already have taken place, also planned events will be announced here.

1. Genealogiestammtisch Limbacher Land, Limbach-Oberfrohna 01.10.2008 [2]

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