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Purpose is an open, English-speaking mailinglist for genealogists who have questions about the various databases on the network, such as GenWiki, FOKO, GedBas, GOV etc.

This mailinglist is an open list. Everone interested in the list's topic can join the list. You can see the collection of prior postings to the list in the free archive:
This mailinglist is for technical disussions only. Please do no post general genealogical queries.

For more detailed questions about inquiries you should use this service "Forwarding of inquiries".

Technical aspects

To post a message to all the list members, send an email to

For all kinds of questions about the technical part of this mailinglist, please visit:

Actually, most things can be done the easy way with just with an email

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  • to UNsubcribe click HERE

Question: "Would you like to receive the individual Mail List messages batched in a daily digest?" Just click on the appropriate "Radio" button and you will receive your messages individually or you will get just ONE message each day containing All messages from that day.

Contrary to some other Mailing Lists, when you want to change from Daily to Digest mode or to set the mail delivery options when you are away on vacation, please mark your preference. There is NO unsub and resub necessary. It is a simple Click HERE to change your settings


If you have forgotten your password, this is no problem. Monthly you will receive a reminder e-mail with all passwords of the mailinglists on to which you have subscribed. Take care to always keep your password confidential.

In addition you have on the technical page of the list at the bottom in the part "Unsubscribe or edit options" the possibility to allow your password be sent to your e-mail-address.

Archive of the list

You can find a list of our archives here (it has open access to all!):

Members of the list

A list of all subscribers you can check about the technical page of the list (just accessible for subscribers of the list):
(At the bottom of the page: " Subscribers".)

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