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How to write and change an Article

  • Login - How to join the GenWiki (
  • Edit a page - How to edit an existing page
  • Start a new page - How to create a new page
  • Templates - How to use Templates for places, districts and regions
  • Summary - How to use the "Summary" field

The Inside of an Article

Formatting, Pictures, Maps, Formulas, Tables...

  • Textformatting - How to create Headlines, Lists, Horizontal Lines etc.
  • Index - How it works with the "automatic" creation of the index
  • Links - How to create Links to other Articles and Websites ("Weblinks")
  • Images - How to insert images and pictures
  • Maps - How to insert Maps
  • Tables - When you should use Tables and when not
  • Variables

Article Names


Internationalisation (link to German page)

The Small Stuff

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