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Editing Text
'''bold'''  bold
''italic''  italic
* one
* two
* three
  • one
  • two
  • three
# one
# two
# three
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three


Links (more Info)
[[Link]] Link
[[Link|Alternativtext]] Alternativtext
Internationalisation (more Info)
[[en:Article]] belongs to

"Other Languages"

Pictures (more Info)
[[Image:Smile.png]] Image:Smile.png
Tables (more info)
|one ||two
|three ||four
one two
three four

In order to edit a page, the user has to Login with her/ his Username and Password. This is being done by "clicking" on the "Login" button on the upper right.

New Users should apply for a Loginname and Password

On the top of every article you will find the edit tab. Just click on it and the Textarea will show up where you can enter your changes. The most part of it will be just simple text, but you also will find some special "WIKI" commands. The box on the right shows some of them, but Links, Lists and other Formatting goes into more details.

You can have a pre-view of the hard and exciting work you just did.. ;-) when you click on the Show preview button and when you are satisfied with your Masterpiece you should Always enter a short description about the changes you just did into the Summary field field. Then just click on the Save page and.... that's all..

If you are still a little bit scared and not sure what to do, well, that's no problem. Just go to our Sandbox. Here you can play around as much as you want, you can't destroy anything and all your additions can be easily reversed.

The options: This is a minor edit should be used for minor Typo's and format changes and the WIKI software adds then automatically an M to the article and with Watch this article this article can be added to your personal Watchlist. This is an easy way to follow up on any changes to this article. And in your Preferences can you decide if any one of these boxes should be marked all the time. In addition, with the Preferences the standard size of the Textarea can be changed.

Protected Pages

Some pages, like the Main Page, are protected and edits and changes to them can only be made be the genealogy-net-Wiki Administrators. In these cases you will see instead of the edit link a Quelltext betrachten link. The same is true when the databank is being switched into the "Maintenance state".

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