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Basic Rules

Here is a small list what you should consider before you add any images to WIKI:

  • You have to be registered and logged in to WIKI in order to upload images and data.
  • Before you upload any images make sure that you don't violate any copyright laws. It is your duty to verify this.
  • Use the Description page of the image for information about source and copyright.
  • Before you upload the image you should give it a precise Name ( like "Papermill_Backwoods.jpg" instead of "Picture 1.jpg").
  • Edit the image to show only the important aspects.

Uploading of Images

For the Image upload the special page Upload file will be used. The uploaded image will then be found in the Imagelist.

Photos should be uploaded in the JPEG-Format, photos in any other format should be converted to JPEG first. Photos in the GIF-Format are usually unusable since they contain only 256 colors. It is NOT recommended to de- crease the datasize of JPEG pictures, since this will result in a much poorer quality of it.

Whenever you use "artificially" created images like Icons, Drawings, Maps, Diagrams or Flags the PNG format is especially useful, because the datasize is usually much smaller than with other formats. Images in the GIF-Format should be converted to PNG, unless they are animated GIFs. If you create a Graphic with text, it would be adviceable to add one without the text. This would make it much easier to display in different languages.


  1. To re- name an object, it is necessary to upload it with a different name and afterwards, the old version should be deleted by the administrator.
  2. If the name of the object is already there, it will be replaced with the new version ( NOT over- written and the old version is still in the Version- history). This way you are able to up- load images with a better quality.
  3. Watch out, there is a difference between regular letter and CAPITAL letters.


For every image there is a page describing it. You are able to reach this description by "clicking" on the image. There you will find the history of the image and all pages are listed where this image is shown. After the image has been uploaded a link to the description page will appear.

The ideal description would be information about License, Source, name of Photographer and a description of the image, License and Source are mandatory. Images used in GenWIKI have to be either GNU Freie Dokumentationslizenz or Public Domain ( see also #Urheberrecht). Whenever you upload images from other WIKI pages you should always include in your description the Source-WIKI and in addition the License and image data.

Tu cut- out and fill- in Sample
*Photograf / Draftsman: 
*Other Versions: 
{{subst:Image-GFDL}} (for the GNU FDL)
{{Image-PD}} (for Public Domain)

  • Description: Pirhana in an Aquarium
  • Source: picture taken on 25-Oct-2004
  • Photograf: Max Meier
  • Other Versions: [[Media:Pirhana2.jpg|different view ]] ([[:Image:Pirhana3.jpg|Info]])

{{subst:Image-GFDL}} (Will be added automatically.)

More Templates are here: Wikipedia:License Templates for Images

Please do NOT add Sources, Copyright remarks or long description to the article or the image itself ! Texts within an image are really hard to edit and will distract the viewer from the image.

See also: Sample for a good description of an image, pictures without a description

Placement of Images

Original size without a Frame

You can add an Image with [[Image:Imagename|Description]] to an article and the image will be shown in its original size. The loading time with large images would be very long ( especially for Modem users) and it is highly recommended to use this method only in special cases. It would be much better to show only miniature views of the images (Thumbnail) .

You Enter Result


Original size with Frame

You also have the option of showing images with frames like [[Image:Imagename|framed|Description]]. The Image will be shown in its original size with a surrounding frame, but without a "zoom- in" button and your text will flow around the Image. The description will be shown below the Image as a signature. Important: Image signatures can also be used as links.

You Enter Result
[[Image:Prisma.png|framed|A [[Prisma (Optik)|Prisma]] with Frame]]
A Prisma with Frame


Image Description
WIKI is able to create Thumbnails automatically. Just add thumb or thumbnail between the Imagename and Image Description, like [[Image:Prisma.png|thumb|Image Description]].

The created Thumbnail will be Right- aligned and the text of the article will flow around it.

Change size of Images


With [[Image:Prisma.png|thumb|100px|Description]] you set the width of the Thumbnail to 100 Pixel ( without setting this parameter the standard will be 180 Pixel). The Height will be automatically generated with the fixed Width/ Height ratio.

It is important to set the size of the image in relation to the whole article, the image shouldn't "bury" the text, neither should the text overwhelm the image. With small articles the image could be sized a little larger, but the text should cover at least te Height of the image. Well, as always in life, try to find the happy medium.. ;-)

Sinatures below Images

How to add signatures below the reduced size pictures is described in the corresponding article in Tables.

Alignment within Text

With the options left, right und none the Images can be aligned relative to the text left or right.

You type Result
[[Image:Smily.png|left|A Smily]]
A '''Smily''' is especially in chats
a well liked emoticon. 

A Smily is especially in chats a well liked emoticon.

[[Image:Smily.png|right|A Smily]]
A '''Smily''' is especially in chats
a well liked emoticon.

A Smily is especially in chats a well liked emoticon.

<center>[[Image:bison.jpg|thumb|none|100px|"Buffalo Bill"]] </center>

"Buffalo Bill"

The option "none" together with the <center>-tags centers the image within a field in a table.

The Parameter none switches off any automatic alignment (with Thumbnails) and shows the Image inline . This is very practical when adding images to tables.

Places in Germany
Dresden Dresden

All options can be combined to your liking, but they have to be separated with a pipe "|". Unknown options will be ignored by the software.

Inserting a Link to the image Description

With a "Click" on the uploaded image you will get to the Description of the Image. However you can directly go to this image when inserting a colon ":" before the word image.

Image Description

[[:Image:Bison.jpg|Image Description]]


  • PNGGauntlet PNG-Konverter mit GUI; nur für Windows
  • PNGOUT PNG-Konverter, Commandlinetool; erreicht zur Zeit die besten Ergebnisse
  • OptiPNG PNG-Konverter, Commandlinetool
  • pngrewrite PNG-Konverter, Commandlinetool
  • Pngcrush PNG-Konverter, Commandlinetool

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