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Internationalisation generally

So far, the has also a German version and with a so-called

Interwiki-Link it is possible to link to the different languages directly. As a result, the link will show up on the left side in the menu below the :Translation heading.

[[Language Symbol:Link]]

Language Symbol:

  • de for German
  • en for English

[[de:Haupt Seite]] for the Link (of the English Main Page) to the German Haupt Seite.

Internationalisation of Bavaria related pages

To link Bavaria related pages between the German GenWiki and the enGenWiki please use this scheme:

. . . and best check each time in the respective other GenWiki language version how the page really is named there . . .

At the end of the source code of the respective page add:
  on GERMAN language page on ENGLISH language page  
Country (Land)
Administrative Disctrict (Regierungsbezirk)
[[en:Oberbayern_(Upper Bavaria)]]
County (Landkreis)
    e.g. [[en:County_München]] [[de:Kreis_München]] County name as written in German (!) (NOT: Munich !)
    e.g. [[en:County_Fürth]] [[de:Kreis_Fürth]] County name in German form, incl. the German Umlauts (NOT: Fuerth !); see below:(* *)
    e.g. [[en:County_Neustadt_an_der_Waldnaab]] [[de:Kreis_Neustadt_an_der_Waldnaab]] County name in German, incl. maybe used add-ons in the name
Independent City (Stadtkreis) [[en:HERExyzNAME]] [[de:HERExyzNAME]]  
    e.g. [[en:Aschaffenburg]] [[de:Aschaffenburg]] Names of independent cities are identical, WITHOUT other add-ons. (NOT: additional City or Stadt)
    e.g. [[en:Weiden_in_der_Oberpfalz]] [[de:Weiden_in_der_Oberpfalz]] but incl. all maybe used add-ons that are part of the name
Place (Ort) [[en:HERExyzNAME]] [[de:HERExyzNAME]] place names need to be written in their German form, incl. the Umlauts, exactly identical way like in German GenWiki Version ! see below:(* *)
    e.g. [[en:Nürnberg]] [[de:Nürnberg]] means: NO english Variants like e.g. Nuremberg or Munich etc !
    e.g. [[en:Berg_(OFR)]] [[de:Berg_(OFR)]] means: incl. maybe used add-ons in the name, exactly identical like in German GenWiki Version
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