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A redirect page is a page, which by-pass on call to another page.



To create the redirection of a page you enter the following into the text field of the article:

#REDIRECT [[page name]]

"page name" in the above example, is the actual name of the article to which you are redirecting the page to.

Note: Your redirect command must be in a clear text field. You must save the original text of the article separately. Once your page has been redirected to the new page, then re-enter the original text you had previously saved.

Redirect and category

How to categorise redirect pages

If you want to categorise a page with a redirect you have to add the categories directly after the redirect. Only one blank between is allowed. See example.

No REDIRECT on a category overview page

You can generally link with


a category overview page, where the subcategories and articles are shown, which belongs to this same category.

Unfortunately a REDIRECT on such a page does NOT work (due to software technical reasons). As a result only a static text of the category page is shown. The lists therefore, would not be shown.

The possibility of a classic link would be left behind:

Please read up on [[:Category:MyCategory|here]]


Assume there is an article entitled Cousin with some text content.

For the keyword Base you want to link to Cousin, but you also want to add to categorise the article Base, so that both terms are listed in the Category. In this case you would use the following syntax:

#REDIRECT [[Cousine]] [[Category:Relationship describtion]]

For the keyword Kusine, which also has another spelling of Cousine, you want to link to Cousine but you want to do it without a categorisation. Then in this case, it is advisable to use a redirect page Kusine with following text in the article field:

 #REDIRECT [[Cousine]]

Proper usage

The use of a redirect is best for:

  • variants in old orthography, e.g. (the) Keiser and, as a redirect to - (the) Kaiser
  • variants with same root, e.g. (the) Zehnt and, as a redirect to - (the) Zehnte
  • GOV-Redirects from automatically-generated articles with a GOV-/FOKO-ID. This is labeled, for example, BRUUHLJO30KU and contains #REDIRECT [[Brühl (Rhein-Erft-Kreis)]].

The usage of redirects for typing errors, e.g. Cousiene should not be used in general. Exceptions could be for frequent typing errors.

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