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In some cases it can be very useful to restore an earlier version of an article.

To restore an earlier version,

  • Visit the page, click on history and on the Time and Date (third column from the left) of the version, you want to restore.
  • When the page is shown, below the title you will find a Note like: "(Revision as of 10:48, 19. Jun 2003)". Click on " Edit page ", and you will see a warning note, that an old version of the article is being restored. If you ignore this warning the article will be saved and the earlier version is restored.
  • Please do not forget to indicate in the summary that an older version has been restored and you also should mention which version has been restored.

Tip: Unless there is a case of vandalism, like the contents of a page have been deleted or someone inserted complete "Nonsense" , it is recommended to use the restoring option very sparingly. If you are changing the works of one of your fellow friends, it would be a nice gesture to communicate with her/ him first in order to avoid an "Editing - War". If the initiat contributor doesn't agree with your changes, try to compromise.

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