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The "normal case"

Before you start on a new article, you should think if it is worthwhile to give this article a new name or if it should be incorporated into another article.

In addition, you should look around if other users are already active within this category. Are there already certain established methods, templates, structures, etc. ? In this case it would be wise to stay with the well-proven ways, or you should discuss it with the other members, if necessary.

Thinking about it in this manner you can save yourself a lot of "heckling" and 'going back and forth' like ("newbies don't have a chance here" or "I did a lot of work and someone else just changed or deleted everything").

If after a thorough investigation you come to the conclusion it will make sense to start a new article, you should try first to find a related article where you can connect it to. Insert the title of your new article into the related article with two square brackets on each side, like [[ and ]] and save this article.

You will then have created a red link with "your article name" and whenever you click on that red link the editing page opens and you are ready to start with your "masterpiece".

Additional methods

Another way to start a new article would be to enter the article name you are looking for into the :: Search field and clicking on "Go". If this article doesn't exist yet the editing box will open to start to write. However you have to be logged in as a user.

Yet another way would be to enter the URL of your new article into address line in your browser and press "Enter". Any empty space has to be exchanged with an underscore _ and the first letter of your article name has to be a CAPITAL letter. For example you can change the temporary URL


and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

This method is mostly suitable for article names with only ONE word.

With the two last methods you also have to consider it is very easy to start orphaned articles which aren't linked to any other page. Therefore the article will be hard to find again. In every case you should link your new article to another article.

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