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From the main page of the GenWiki, many different genealogical lexica (categories) are reachable. One of these is the Category:Surname.

With this article you learn, how you can start an article about your surname (family name) and how to add it to the category page.

Starting a new article about a surname

If you determine, that on the category page no article is listed about your surname, you should start a new one on your own.

Surname articles should have the title

family name (surname)

of course with substituted "family name" with the family name, e. g. for the family Smith:

Smith (surname)

To start a new page with this title there are different possibilities, compare "Start a new page".

Classification in categories

To list your article automatically on the category page, there is a certain syntax.


<!-- Activate with deleting the brackets -->

The signs <!-- mark there a comment start and the signs --> the end of this comment. Thus its achieved, that the text/signs between this comment signs are not shown on the article page.

To activate now the categorization, you have to delete the comment signs. -->

Attention: In preview mode the categories are unfortunately not shown at the end of the article. This is just possible after saving the article.

So save your article now finally. Then it is possible to find it with the help of the full-text search and furthermore on the category page, too.

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