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Templates make it very easy and quick to build articles with a pre-defined scheme. For example, if you want to create a new article about a place, just create the new article (page) with all the text you have to enter into its source code, as the ONLY text is:


Then save the article (button: save page).
With this the pre-defined based template, text will be automatically copied into the new page. Afterwards you can edit your page easily, e.g. add further text and information about the topic.
The statement itself {{subst:Template_Place}} will not be seen anymore in your page after you've first saved it. Then, it will be replaced with the specified template text itself. The "subst:" string shows what it is going to do: "substitute" the template text into this article.

The same procedure can be used with already existing pages; in this case the referred to Template will be added to the existing page.

For new articles see also: Naming Conventions

Working on Regional Pages

Templates for Germany

Germany, after 1989

Template for Federal State in Germany (Bundesland)   {{subst:Template_Federal_State}}
Template for Administrative District in Germany (Regierungsbezirk)     {{subst:Template_Administrative_District}}
Template for County in Germany (Landkreis)   {{subst:Template_County}}
Template for Place in Germany (Ort)   {{subst:Template_Place}}


Insert with: {{Navigationbar xxx}} (without "subst:")

Here you can find the blank basic source code of a Navigationbar for Cities and Municipalities in County XXX, in case none exists in the Federal State specific summary pages. (see below)

Navigationbars for Germany

Navigationbars for German Federal States

This NAV-BAR needs to be moved into the page (Navigationsbar_LSA) and to be listed there.

Navigationbars for German Churches

Miscellaneous Navigationbars

Templates: Other Countries

  1. Templates for places in Austria
  2. Templates for places in Switzerland

Templates Topic specific

Topic: Surnames

Topic: Military

  1. Template for Regiments
  2. Template for Divisions
  3. Template for Army Corps
  4. Template for Regiments in World War I.

Topic: Coat of Arms

When you are working with Coat of Arms, Flags and official Seals, together with the description of the Image, you should also include this Template:

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