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General Information

A Kirchenkreis (church district) consists of several deaneries (Dekanate/Dekanatsbezirke). A deanery is formed up by several parishes (Kirchengemeinden) together. An ecclesiastical church district in Bavaria is area-wise a bit comparable to a political administrative district (Regierungsbezirk) and a deanery a bit comparable to something like a political county (Landkreis), yet - in most cases area-wise ecclesiastical and political territories are not congruent.
The ecclesiastical organization of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bavaria - church district, deanery, parish - (Kirchenkreis, Dekanat, Kirchengemeinde) is mostly not identical to the political organization of Bavaria - administrative district, county, municipality - (Regierungsbezirk, Landkreis, Gemeinde).

Church District (Bavaria, ev.-luth., Kirchenkreis)

The Kirchenkreis Bayreuth (church district) consists of these Dekanaten:
(Date: 2004)

located in
administrative district (political)
1 Dekanat Bad Berneck Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
2 Dekanat Bamberg Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
3 Dekanat Bayreuth Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
4 Dekanat Coburg Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
5 Dekanat Forchheim (in Wiesenthal-Muggendorf)    Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
6 Dekanat Hof Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
7 Dekanat Kronach Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
8 Dekanat Kulmbach Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
9 Dekanat Ludwigsstadt Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
10 Dekanat Michelau Unterfranken (Lower Franconia)
11 Dekanat Münchberg Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
12 Dekanat Naila Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
13 Dekanat Pegnitz Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
14 Dekanat Rügheim Unterfranken (Lower Franconia)
15 Dekanat Selb Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
16 Dekanat Thurnau Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)
17 Dekanat Wunsiedel Oberfranken (Upper Franconia)

History of the Church District (Bavaria, ev.-luth.)


Church Book Archives (Bavaria, ev.-luth.)



Official Websites

Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

GOV-Id object_215468
  • Bayreuth (deu)
  • Kirchenkreis (1921 -)
  • lu
web page

TK25: 5735

Superordinate objects

Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche in Bayern rechts des Rheins, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern (1921 -) ( national church )

Subordinate objects
name type GOV-Id Timespan
Eyrichshof deanery object_150933 (1921 -)
Kronach-Ludwigsstadt deanery object_1048538 (2010-01-01 -)
Rügheim deanery object_150974 (1921 -)
Bayreuth deanery object_150926 (1921 -)
Hof deanery object_150940 (1921 -)
Naila deanery object_150960 (1921 -)
Thurnau deanery object_150980 (1921 -)
Michelau i. Ofr. deanery object_150955 (1921 -)
Bad Berneck deanery object_150927 (1921 -)
Kirchenlamitz, Selb deanery object_150977 (1921 -)
Münchberg deanery object_150958 (1921 -)
Creußen, Pegnitz deanery object_150967 (1921 -)
Kronach deanery object_150945 (1925 - 2009-12-31)
Bamberg deanery object_150925 (1921 -)
Kulmbach deanery object_150946 (1921 -)
Ludwigsstadt deanery object_150951 (1921 - 2009-12-31)
Wunsiedel deanery object_150987 (1921 -)
Coburg deanery object_150929 (1921 -)
Forchheim, Muggendorf deanery object_215478 (1921 -)

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