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Location of Administrative District (Regierungsbezirk) Oberbayern within the Federal State (Bundesland) Bavaria



Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria) is one of the 7 administrative districts (Regierungsbezirk) of Bavaria (Bayern).

Coat of Arms

The Upper Bavarian coat of arms consists of two general Bavarian symbols: of the Bavarian white (silver) and blue lozenges (bayerische Rauten) and the Bavarian lion (pfalz-bayerischen Löwe). With that Upper Bavaria represents the facts that it is one of the core parts of the old wittelsbachischen territories of Bavaria and also that it is area and population wise the largest current day Bavarian administrative district.

General Information

Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria) is located in the south of Bavaria. It borders on the Bavarian administrative districts Lower Bavaria, Middle Franconia, Swabia and Upper Palatinate. In the south it borders on Austria. The largest river in Upper Bavaria is the Isar.

Data: 2003 Area in qkm Population Inhabitants /qkm
Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria) 17,530 4,195,673 239
Bavaria total 70,549 12,423,386 176

(Source: Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung, Genesis online)

Political Structure

Upper Bavarias administrative Capital is the city of München (Munich).


Independent Cities

Structure before 1972/78

In 1972/78 Bavaria had a major re-organization of the administrative system - a county-reform (Landkreisreform) and the municipality-reform (Gemeindereform). Aim was to downsize the number of existing administrative counties (Landkreise), independent cities (Kreisfreie Städte) and municipalities (Gemeinden). After these reforms a lot of formerly independent places and communities became part of another municipality (sometimes with this even became part of another county). Also some formerly existing counties were combined and the old county names ceased to exists. In some areas of Bavaria places even changed the administrative district (Regierungsbezirk) they belonged too.

Upper Bavaria past administrative structure:

Upper Bavaria since 1972 before 1972
Counties 20 ?
Independent Cities   3 ?
Municipalities 500  ?

Counties (before county/municipality reforms in 1972 / 78):
NOTE: This list is NOT complete

  • Aibling
  • Aichach
  • Altötting
  • Berchtesgaden
  • Dachau
  • Ebersberg
  • Erding
  • Freising
  • Friedberg
  • Fürstenfeldbruck
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Ingolstadt
  • Landsberg am Lech
  • Laufen
  • Miesbach
  • Mühldorf am Inn
  • München
  • Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm
  • Rosenheim
  • Schongau
  • Schrobenhausen
  • Starnberg
  • Tölz
  • Traunstein
  • Wasserburg am Inn
  • Weilheim
  • Wolfratshausen

Independent Cities (before county/municipality reforms in 1972 / 78):
NOTE: This list is NOT complete

  • Bad Reichenhall
  • Freising
  • Ingolstadt
  • Landsberg am Lech
  • Landshut
  • München
  • Rosenheim
  • Traunstein

Church Structure

Due to historical reasons Upper Bavarias population is traditionally catholic, there are 70 % Roman-Catholics (römisch-katholisch) and 17 % protestants (evangelisch-lutherisch), according to data from 1987. This is due to the fact that Upper Bavaria was for centuries part of the old-Bavarian wittelsbachischen territory (Altbayern) , ruled by the House of Wittelsbach that was catholic. In the past the people of this area either stayed catholic or reverted back to Catholicism after the so-called Gegenreformation (rigorous reinforcing of Catholicism, Counter-Reformation).



Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche (Evangelical-Reformed Church, Homepage)
Territories and history, see here Ev.-Reformed parishes: München I, II und III


Religion of Population (1987)

Religion of population (1987) Population    Roman
Jewish   other
total % % % % %
Bavaria (total) 10,902,643 67 24 0.05 4 5
Upper Bavaria 3,598,126 70 17 0.10 4.5 9

(**) incl. Freikirchen

(Source: Data: 1987, Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung, Genesis online)


NOTE: English version of - Upper Bavarian history - is currently NOT available
Meanwhile see summary overview:

Historical Political Structure

NOTE: English version of - Upper Bavarian historical political structure - is currently NOT available
Meanwhile see summary overview:

Historical predecessor entities on Upper Bavarian territory:
English version of - Upper Bavarian historical predecessor entities - is currently NOT available

See here also:

Development of the past administrative structure of Upper Bavaria after 1806:
In 1808 within the Kingdom of Bavaria a new organizational structure was set up and regarding current day Upper Bavaria the following structure evolved, in:

  • 1808: the new Kreis called Isarkreis (with capital: München) was formed

After a re-organization of the royal administration, this administrative region was renamed in:

  • 1837: Kreis Oberbayern, (and some exchange of territories with other old Bavarian administrative regions took place.)

The main area of this administrative region called Kreis Oberbayern is more or less identical to the Upper Bavaria, as we know it today. In the following centuries there were only a few changes: e.g. in 1946: Kreis Oberbayern (administrative region) was renamed into Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern (administrative district Oberbayern), in 1972: Upper Bavaria received from Middle Franconia the independent city Eichstätt and the county Eichstätt, got from other Bavarian administrative districts the independent city of Neuburg an der Donau and large parts of counties: Neuburg an der Donau, Beilngries and Riedenburg; and handed over the county Aichach to Swabia.

Genealogical and Historical Societies

Genealogical Societies

Historical Societies

Historischer Verein von Oberbayern

Genealogical and Historical Documents


Historical Literature

  • Oberbayerisches Archiv für die vaterländische Geschichte (1829-1958)
  • Oberbayerisches Archiv (1959- )

Gazetteers and Maps



  • Bavaria Maps Overview of helpful Links to maps for genealogist.

Maps showing the territory development of Upper Bavaria from 1789-1819:

Maps showing the past administrative organization of Upper Bavaria, 1808 until today:

Archives and Libraries


Church Book Archives:



Internet Links

Official Websites

Genealogical Websites

Miscellaneous Websites

Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

GOV-Id adm_369091
  • Upper Bavaria (eng)
  • Isarkreis (1808-10-01 - 1837-12-31) Source 1808 Spalte 1485 (deu)
  • Oberbayern (1838-01-01 -) Source 1837 Spalte 795 (deu)
  • Kreis (1808-10-01 - 1939) Source 1808 Spalte 1485
  • administrative district (1939 -)
external id
  • BLO:6
web page

TK25: 7837

Superordinate objects

Bavaria, Baiern, Churpfalz-Baiern, Kurpfalz-Bayern, Pfalz-Baiern, Bayern (1808-10-01 - 1946) ( duchy kingdom free state ) Source 1808 Spalte 1485

Bavaria, Bayern, Bavière, Beieren, Бавария (1946 -) ( federal state )

Subordinate objects
name type GOV-Id Timespan
Laufen Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286581 (1817-04-01 -)
Laufen district office rural county object_387899 (1862-07-01 - 1972-06-30)
Tegernsee Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286667 (1818-09-24 -)
Garmisch, Garmisch-Partenkirchen district office rural county adm_139180
Miesbach district office rural county adm_139182 (1862-07-01 -)
Miesbach Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286665 (1808-10-01 -)
Freising district office rural county adm_139178 (1862-07-01 -)
Freising Stadt object_300796 (1946-02-08 - 1972-06-30)
München I, München district office rural county adm_139184 (1880-01-01 -)
Neuburg an der Donau, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen rural county adm_139185 (1972-07-01 -)
Eichstätt rural county adm_139176 (1939 -)
Schwaben, Ebersberg Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286660 (1808-10-01 -)
Tittmoning Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286586 (1817-04-01 -)
Neumarkt-St. Veit, Neumarkt Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_394212 (1838-07-19 - 1970)
Landsberg Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285527 (1810-11-01 -)
Munich, München Stadt adm_139162
Freysing, Freising Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286662 (1808-10-01 -)
Reichenhall, Bad Reichenhall Stadt county-level city Stadt county-level city Stadt object_301043 (1929 - 1940)
Reichenhall, Bad Reichenhall Stadt county-level city Stadt county-level city Stadt object_301043 (1948 - 1972-06-30)
Ingolstadt Stadt adm_139161
Ingolstadt Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285535 (1838-01-01 -)
Ingolstadt district office rural county object_381067 (1862-07-01 - 1972-06-30)
Schongau rural county object_396979 (- 1972-06-30)
Mühldorf am Inn, Mühldorf district office rural county adm_139183 (1862-07-01 -)
München links der Isar district office object_387952 (1862-07-01 - 1879-12-31)
Landsberg am Lech, Landsberg district office rural county adm_139181 (1862-07-01 -)
Moosburg Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286655 (1808-10-01 -)
Tölz, Bad Tölz, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district office rural county adm_139173
Starnberg rural county adm_139188
Wasserburg am Inn rural county object_397115 (- 1972-06-30)
Rosenheim Stadt adm_139163
Rosenheim rural county adm_139187
Burghausen Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286580 (1838-01-01 - 1862-06-30)
Rain Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285570 (1838-01-01 - 1862-06-30)
Bad Aibling district office rural county object_387896 (1900-10-01 - 1972-06-30)
Schrobenhausen district office rural county object_397282 (- 1972-06-30)
Mühldorf Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286582 (1810-11-01 -)
Altötting district office rural county adm_139171 (1862-07-01 -)
München rechts der Isar district office object_387953 (1862-07-01 - 1879-12-31)
Vilsbiburg Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286657 (1810-11-01 - 1837-12-31)
Aichach district office rural county object_386981 (1862-07-01 - 1972-06-30)
Aichach Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285523 (1838-01-01 - 1862-06-30)
Aichach Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285523 (1810-11-01 - 1817-03-31)
Friedberg district office rural county object_387898 (1862-07-01 - 1944)
Friedberg Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285526 (1838-01-01 - 1944)
Friedberg Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_285526 (1810-11-01 - 1817-03-31)
Altötting, Oetting, Altenötting Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286578 (1838-01-01 - 1862-06-30)
Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm rural county adm_139186
München II district office object_387954 (1880-01-01 - 1902-09-30)
Reichenhall Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286584 (1817-04-01 -)
Weilheim in Oberbayern district office rural county object_1184110 (- 1973-04-30)
Wolfratshausen rural county object_397172 (- 1972-06-30)
Berchtesgaden district office rural county object_386985 (1862-07-01 - 1972-06-30)
Berchtesgaden Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286579 (1817-04-01 -)
Bad Reichenhall, Berchtesgadener Land rural county adm_139172 (1972-07-01 -)
Landsberg am Lech Stadt LANECHJN58KB (1948-04-01 - 1972-06-30)
Bruck, Fürstenfeldbruck district office rural county adm_139179 (1862-07-01 -)
Bruck, Fürstenfeldbruck Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286658 (1823 -)
Ebersberg district office rural county adm_139175 (1862-07-01 -)
Dachau district office rural county adm_139174 (1862-07-01 -)
Dachau Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_394092 (1808-10-01 -)
Dorfen Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286659 (1858-10-01 -)
Traunstein rural county adm_139189
Traunstein Stadt object_299111 (1948 - 1972-06-30)
Weilheim-Schongau rural county adm_139190 (1973-05-01 -)
Erding district office rural county adm_139177 (1862-07-01 -)
Erding Landgericht Magistrates' Court object_286661 (1808-10-01 -)

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