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  Hi, my name is John David Schiefelbein, I was born in Clear Lake, Iowa, USA. My Father was Otto Rudy Schiefelbein, and he was born in Stetin Germany, in November 1899 to Gus and Tillie Schiefelbein. He served in the German army in World War one, and was wounded in the leg soon into his tour of duty, and was discharged. He and his brother Carl(Karl)???, immigrated to the USA in 1922, at least that's when my Father came here. His brother lived in Ventura, Iowa, USA, and my father lived in Clear Lake, Iowa, USA until his death in 1982.
  I have been trying to research his life while he was in Germany, and am very much wondering if I have relatives still living there. If anyone has any information about my Father or his family, please reply.

Thank you, John Schiefelbein

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