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Portal Lexika

Our encyclopedias explain a lot of terms that are used in genealogy.

Several example articles show how comprehensive information can be. They should also give an inspiriation to future authors how to structure an article.


In your research you will always find some abbreviations, signs and symbols that you have not seen before. In this place they will be collected and explained.

Old or foreign language terms

Old or terms in foreign languages - you can find them here:
example: Küfer - Beutler
example: Antoniusfeuer
example: HalfeStolgebührZehnt
example: Kekulé-Zahlen
example: Majorenn

Alte Maße und Zeitangaben

Wieviel Pfennig hatte ein Groschen? Wie lang ist eine Rute? Wann war der 12. Fructidor l'An X? Und wann feiert man die Eiserne Hochzeit?

Names and relationships

Nomen est omen: What does a given- and lastname mean? What is a "Schwippschwager"?
example: GeigerMuhrNebelsiekPügnerRichter

Special topics


Feuilleton (Dies und Das)

Nachdenkliches, Humorvolles und mehr aus der genealogischen Praxis:

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