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Postkarte mit Nordostpreußenkarte und Ansicht der Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße in Memel
Memelland - Klaipėda Region

Welcome to the portal of Memelland in GenWiki. Here genealogists will find information and help for that part of East Prussia that lies north of the river Memel.

Ännchen-von-Tharau-Brunnen auf dem Theaterplatz in Memel Church of Heydekrug

Here you find Memelland in "Google Maps Street View“".

Geography, Natur- and Regional Studies [Edit]
Flag of Memel
National Colours of Memelland
Memelland - Klaipėda Region, its counties and parishes during the separation period 1920-1939

General: Prussians, History of Memel

Places in County Memel: Meszeln, Nimmersatt, Scheipen Toms, Karkelbeck ... more.

Places in County Heydekrug : Alk, Barwen, Leitgirren, Mussaten, Werden, Wieszen, ... more.

Places in County Pogegen: Galsdon Joneiten, ... more.

Cities: Heydekrug, Memel


"Old" documents have a special value for us. They help us to keep the memories of Memelland alive and awake. You can support us by sending us your documents. We are looking for family trees, documents of your ancestors, pictures (of places, people, buildings, family gatherings, clubs,...), postcards, magazines, books, calendars, etc., which give information about the personal and public life and the history of this region.
You can be sure that we deal very carefully with your documents. Contact

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