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You will find helpful information in this category about Regional Ancestry Research for all German-speaking areas in the whole world.

It is divided into different Areas. Please select an area to get started with and follow the links to the Articles of your interest. You will find many interesting articles about all German-speaking areas in the whole world, covering the present time and also the past.

Special emphasis is given about information regarding Family research.


Here we will describe the Regional pages in more details.


  • Germany, after 1989, current genealogical Information
  • Germany, 1949-1989
  • German Demokratic Republic, DDR, 1949-1989
  • Germany, 1945-1949
  • Germany, 1933-1945 also called »Drittes Reich« ["Third Reich"]
  • Germany, 1871-1933 also called »Kaiserreich«, »Deutsches Reich«, »Weimarer Republik« 
  • Historical German States States, which did not exist after 1815, or were dissolved with the "Pariser Vertraege".
  • Former German Territories Territories which were located within the boundaries of the "Deutsches Reich of 1871"; inclusive of the Territories which were placed in the neighboring countries after WWI and WWII ( Belgium, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Poland or Russia).

Selection Help for Germany

  • If the timeframe you are researching is before 1945 and you know which place within the German state you are looking for, go to Germany, 1871-1933.
  • If you only know the name of the current German state and the place you are looking for, go to Germany, after 1989.
  • For former German Territories, which no longer are held by Germany, select Former German Territories.
  • For the time frame after 1945 or post-1989 select Germany, after 1989.

You can also look directly at the following Categories:

  • Countries
  • States
  • Counties
  • Districts
  • Geographical Districts
  • Places

Of course you can go directly to the proper subject:

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