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For those wishing to send genealogical inquiries to a country whose language they do not speak, this page offers identical sample letters to a church pastor translated into the languages listed below.

If you have received a genealogical letter in a language you do not read, you may wish to make use of Transserv.

Read our about sending money to Europe with your letter. Should you need them, up to date interactive currency tables are available.

This is the English text of the letter:

Dear Pastor,
In order to complete my family history, I would need information about my ancestor _________, born _______________ in ______________.
May I kindly ask you to send me a complete extract of the birth record from the parish register for the above named.
Should it be possible to send me extracts of the birth, marriage or death records for his parents, who are supposed to have lived in the same town, I would be most grateful for this help.
I am enclosing $15 to cover the necessary fees. Should you incur additional expenses, please let me know.
Thank you in advance for your aid.
Respectfully yours,
Your name

Here are the translations:

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