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The template includes the following source code:
[http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/customsearchresults.asp?batch_number={{{1}}}&region=8&LDS=1&record_group=1 {{{1}}}]

Within the three times curly braces the placeholder 1 for the batch is located.

If you want to use this template for creating a direct link from one article to a certain batch number (here:C990981), you have to proceed as follows. You start with using the template as used to with

  • two curly braces and the name of the template: {{Batch_number
  • arranged behind is a |
  • then the batch number for the placeholder 1, hier C990981
  • then the closing double curly braces }}

The lot looks then in the source code like this:


And looks like this after saving:


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