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Coat of Arms

File:Wappen Ort SamplePLACE COUNTY SampleCOUNTY.png

General Information

Political Structure

Places belonging to the Municipality

Church Structure




Historical Political Structure

Genealogical and Historical Societies

Genealogical and Historical Documents

Genealogical Documents

Historical Documents


Genealogical Literature

Historical Literature

Gazetteers and Maps

Archives and Libraries


Internet Links

Official Websites

Genealogical Websites

Historical Websites

Accidental Discoveries

Often in church books or other archive source material of a place persons are discovered that are not from this place. These findings are so-called Accidental Discoveries. Such findings are for other genealogist sometimes the only chance to break through the Brick Wall in their research. In the following page you can add such accidental discoveries or even find one yourself.

Private Information sources and offers for research help

On the following page private (none-commercial !) family researchers can add their contact data, if they do research in this place and/or if they are willing to offer other genealogist information, look-ups/scans/copies etc. regarding this place. All correspondence relating to this are to be made exclusively to the offering family researcher!

Data from the Genealogical Place Database (GOV)

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