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Your participation in the translator team of Transserv - this is how you go about it.

Course of the attention handling of the translation requests

Requests for translations are processed automatically. This means that only the source and destination languages are checked and whether the text complies with the 40-line limit. If this is true, the request is passed to the person whose name appears at the top of the list of translators for the respective pair of languages. This name is then moved to the end of the list and it moves up the list again as others are placed at the end. This process also takes into account at what time the translator has received his last request. To avoid a situation where an individual translator could be overloaded (and to keep them happy), I have implemented a default break of 4 days after each request. This time can be reduced or increased according to individual requirements. The respective instructions are supplied in the welcoming e-mail, which is sent to you once you have joined the team. When all the translators are busy, the request is placed in a queue which is processed at midnight. Please do not hesitate, the next wave of translation requests is sure to swamp us.


You can sign off from the list and re-join the list automatically. This can be done by sending e-mail. The "#subscribe" (without "") should appear as the first word in a line of the e-mail or in the "Subject:" line. This is an example for subscribing as a translator from German to English:


firstname surname

Or in the opposite direction (as a translator from English to German):


firstname surname

Those who are able to handle translations in both directions should write GER=ENG. If you wish to translate more than one pair of languages you can include the respective pairs between commas. For example - German, English and Dutch:


Those who also wish to work on the occasional "Snail-Mail-translation", i.e. deciphering old hand-written documents (for a cash reimbursement) should place an S at the end of the list of languages:


You won't get rich doing these translations, as snail-mail requests are rare. The e-mail address is supplied automatically, you do not have to include it.

Contact person

I hope that I have provided answers to the most important questions but if you still have questions please send e-mail to

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