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Hello I finally followed the directions correctly and now have a password. I became interested in family history several years ago when my husband & I inherited his mother's Bible. It contained a lot of newspaper articles about deceased family members. There were just enough articles to make me curious about the family's history. This, of course, led me to research my father's history which brought me eventually to this site.

I hope to find where my great, great grandfather lived in Baden and to find his parents. Wendelin Egner appears in the 1850 Indiana, U. S. A. Census, and dies that same year from cholera. He was 48 in the census which lead me to estimate his birth as 1801 or 1802. I have found Egner's in several small villages in Baden but haven't found anyone that matches that name. I am having a great time hunting and am meeting a lot of interesting people.

Tonia Egner Nielsen

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