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My Profile

  • 1935 born in Radebeul near Dresden
  • 1955 Mechanical Engineering Study at the University in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1960 Emigration to Canada
  • Now I am living in Goodwater, Alabama, am "retired" [don't know what that means..] and manage a cattle- and bison Ranch
  • In my "Sparetime" I am "trying" to take care of my hobbies.
  • Want to know more about ME?

My Projects

  • Co-Administrator of the german speaking Sachsen Mailinglist (Saxony)
  • Co-Administrator of the german speaking Thueringen Mailinglist (Thuringia)
  • Co-Administrator of wiki-en
  • Administrator and Founder of the english speaking Rootsweb Mailinglists
    • Saxony
    • Saxony_Roots
    • Germany Passenger Lists
    • Kingdom of Saxony

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