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The project has been started in the german GenWiki at this moment.

Please wait a little bit for the english article. It will be translated as soon as possible.

At the moment you can have a look at the german article.--WGRichter 23:24, 28 Oct 2004 (CEST)


"VK" in this context represents the german word "Verkartung". This word comes from the word "Karteikarte", which is in english a file card. "Verkartung" means that all important informations of a genealogical source as for example church registers will be put into a data file. This a little bit similar to what happens in the IGI at familysearch.

But there are a lot of differences to that project. "Verkartung" provides more informations and it does it more completely. For example it includes all mentioned godparents and so on. Also the death registers are available.

"VK-Table" developes examples and rules for doing that and the project is searching for a solution without using a special software program. Mainly it is a description of a special method of working.

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